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Image Processing / Computer Vision

What is the meaning of this?
Image processing includes the broad field of data acquisition and analysis with the help of cameras.

The camera is the sensor, that receives electromagnetic radiation - the light - and a two-dimensional representation - a picture - of the viewed scene is created. This image is processed using image processing algorithms, so that complex information contained in the image can be identified and evaluated.

In addition to the camera both the lighting and the lenses are essential. Also the geometric structure of the components plays an important part.

Along with the software this results in an image processing system. Together with additional actuators control loops can be established.
For practical use at first comes the analysis of the problem, i.e. clarifying the boundary conditions, the required information and the processing of results.

This together defines the choice of hardware and software as well as the system design.

The selection of the components always depends on the considered problem. It is of decisive advantage that all components, the market can provide, may be selected. This is the case for the Ingenieurbüro Dr. Stolpmann.

The software will make use of powerful libraries and special image processing software tools. Thus, a solution adapted to the problem is created.

The individual and flexible software is of crucial importance. Here is the core of an image processing system. Right here comes the expertise and experience of the Ingenieurbüro Dr. Stolpmann to wear.
What applications can be handled by image processing systems?
In short, everything a person sees with his eyes and handles with his brain. And more!

Some examples:
  • quality control
    • shape
    • colour
    • gloss
    • structure
    • texture
    • imperfections
    • microscopic dirt
    • material composition
    • wear and tear
  • robot control
    • positioning
    • pick-and-place
    • collision detection
  • gauging
    • size accuracy
    • complex shapes
    • geodesy
    • high-speed imaging
  • autonomous vehicles
    • industrial trucks
    • road traffic
    • rail traffic
    • air traffic
    • shipping traffic
  • driver assistance systems
    • lane keeping
    • turning
    • breaking
  • medical diagnostics
    • x-ray imaging
    • motion analysis
  • safety systems
    • area monitoring
    • collision avoidance
    • object tracing
  • ...
This is just a small part of what is possible with image processing systems.

You have an idea, a need or simply a problem that has not yet been solved? Get in touch. Together we will find a solution.

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